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Career Cruising

Logging in to Career Cruising: There are two entry points for logging in to Career Cruising:

(1) All students should log in to Career Cruising from the Portfolio Login Page. When logged into a personal portfolio, a student is able to save and bookmark content, work and track progress toward completion of Post-Secondary Plan requirements, and plan and select school courses. Students log in with Username = CC-[Student ID] and Password = [Portal Password]. Portal passwords are the same passwords students use to access District Google accounts. Teachers may access these passwords in eRoster.

(2) Parents and staff may make use of the college and career assessments and resources by logging in to Career Cruising using generic school login credentials. Users logging in generically may still take the tests and view information about colleges, careers, and job seeking--the results are simply not saved.

Career Cruising Curriculum Resources

Questions about Career Cruising with regard to the Post-Secondary Plan and/or course planning may be directed to the GUHSD Department of Guidance and Wellness and/or your school site guidance team.