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Video Use Guidelines

When selecting instructional materials for use in the classroom, teachers must adhere to federal guidelines, California Education Code, and GUHSD Governing Board Policies. Read about video use information compiled by GUHSD's Educational Technology Department: FAQ Responses Regarding Classroom Viewing of Videos/Movies for Instructional Purposes. Also refer to the table at the bottom of this page to find key points and links to regulations regarding the following topics: (1) Copyright, (2) Feature Films and R-Rated Content, and (3) Sex Education and HIV/AIDS Prevention Materials.

Please note: Video shown in our schools should always be legally obtained. If you do not have a legal copy, please make a purchase request to our department and/or at your school site.

A Special Note Regarding Use of Online Video: The guidelines and resources on this page are geared toward traditional, professionally-produced educational and feature films. When using online video resources, special considerations must be made regarding copyright when downloading, sharing, or remixing content - be sure to refer to guidelines provided by the source website (e.g., YouTube's Copyright Center). Online video also poses a new challenge in determining appropriateness of content for widely-available unrated materials, particularly in the case of amateur, non-commercial video. Be aware that content appropriateness varies depending on the source website (e.g., YouTube vs. Discovery Education), but also within websites (i.e., consider YouTube's wide range of content).

*To access GUHSD Governing Board Policy, log in with Username=public and Password=grossmont.

 Key Points of Guidelines Links to Pertinent Guidelines
-Only lawfully made, purchased, or rented videos may be used as part of the instructional program for face-to-face classroom instruction.
-Video used for recreational or entertainment,  (e.g., assemblies, fundraisers, clubs) requires licensing of Public Performance Rights.
Use of Copyrighted Materials (GUHSD AR 6162.6*), "Fair Use" Educational Exemption to U.S. Copyright Act (Section 110), TEACH Act (Public Law 107-273) regarding use of copyrighted material with digital instruction (ALA Guide)
*Read more about Off-Air Recordings
Feature Films and R-Rated Content -All feature films rated G, PG, PG-13, and R require department chair and site administrator approval before being used.
-Films rated R also require written notification of parents/guardians, allowing them to exempt their child. Exempted students must be provided an alternative assignment to complete.  
-Films rated NC-17 and X may never be used.
Utilization of Instructional Materials (GUHSD AR 6161.11*)
Sex Education and HIV/AIDS Prevention Materials -Parents must be notified in advance of instruction.
-Materials must be made available to parents for review.
-Parents may choose to exempt their child from instruction.
Family Life/Sex Education (GUHSD AR 6142.1*)/Instruction (GUHSD E 6142.1*), AIDS Prevention (GUHSD AR 6142.2*), Parental Consent & Notification (CA EC 51937-51939), Instruction and Materials (CA EC 51933), HIV/AIDS Prevention (CA EC 59134), Exemptions ECA EC 51240)

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